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I remember when I first met Chevy. It was my first Sunday at The Dale when I came as an intern in summer 2018. I had never experienced a church service like The Dale, and it really was something unique and special. Worship began with Erinn playing the piano and singing, a row of musicians in the front playing guitars, and the congregation holding their song books to sing- that is when I noticed Chevy. I will never forget seeing Chevy, with her little dog Jacob on her lap, singing and waving the dog’s arms in the air. I thought to myself, I have never seen a dog worship at a Sunday service, but that’s when I really took in how inclusive The Dale is- that even dog’s can praise the Lord in church. 

When I tried to meet Jacob I quickly learned that he does not take to new people very well. Well actually I learned that really he only trusted Chevy, no one else. She was his world and I really don’t think I ever witnessed one without the other. I loved how sometimes he would have his own chair at drop-in or a space on the pew. Chevy loved Jacob so much and I’m grateful for how he was there for her until her passing late last night. 

My friendship with Chevy grew a lot during the beginning of Covid-19 when The Dale came up with a Phone Connection Train, to take turns calling people in the neighbourhood to check in. I’ve had chats with Chevy in person previously, but on the phone I felt like we got to know each other individually. When I called, Chevy would tell me about some of her adventures that day, mostly about a show/movie she was watching or about the squirrels in her garden. She opened up to me more about her health conditions and asked me about my life. Sometimes Jacob would join the call barking and Chevy would laugh and translate what he was saying. 

One special moment with Chevy that comes to mind was one of the times I delivered her groceries on my own. At the time I was new to driving in the city and kind of did a few loops around the neighbourhood finding my way there. It looked like it was going to rain so I was trying to hurry. When I finally arrived at her place I couldn’t reach her on the phone to ask her to come outside. Then I looked up and just down the street I saw her walking her dog. She was surprised to see me and checked out the groceries I bought her, always looking for doritos or skittles- her favourite. We ended up walking on the sidewalk for a while together. Even though it started to rain, she asked me to sit with her on some steps outside her place to chat. Though it was raining and my car was parked in a temporary parking space, I couldn’t turn down the invitation to hang out. Now that Chevy is gone, I am very grateful for that time together. I don’t remember all of what we talked about but I remember laughing and Chevy pretending Jacob was talking to me while he gave me an unwelcoming side eye the whole time. 

Some words that come to mind when I think of Chevy are generous, sassy, funny, and strong. From all the stories I have heard from her and others, I’ve learned that Chevy battled a lot of difficult things in her life. Regardless, when I would see her she was always laughing and exuding joy amidst many trials. And that joy would spread to others with her very contagious laugh. Most visits ended with gifts from Chevy for us or to be passed on to a friend. Not too long ago, Erinn came back with a rather large Halloween decoration for me that feels extra special now as it sits in my house. 

Erinn, Joanna, and Meagan had a deep friendship with Chevy that goes on many years before I came. They have endless fun stories that I love to hear and they remind me of the real honour it was to know Chevy and be a part of the Dale family with them. Chevy will be so missed by us and her community. We love you Chevy.

Rethinking Church

I miss church. I miss singing worship songs with a congregation, and being in community with people at both my home church, Parkway, and at The Dale. This pandemic has really caused me to reflect upon what church is. I agree with many who say “church is essential” but I’m not sure that has to mean gathering in a building once a week. 

At the beginning of the church closures last year, at The Dale we knew we wanted to stay in the community so we made the decision to remain present through doing outreach. What this looked like was walking the neighborhood along Queen Street, checking in and chatting with folks, offering prayer, and handing out snacks and drinks (at a safe distance with masks). It was nice to feel connected in this way and we even ended up seeing some of the same folks every week. 

During this time, I thought about what church is. In the New Testament, the church is described as the fellowship and the unity of people serving God. The Greek word for church “ekklesia” means assembly of called out ones or a body of faithful people. Here it doesn’t mention a building, chapel, or pews, but instead a group of believers. 

One of my favourite things about The Dale is that it’s never needed to own a building to function. Experiencing this combined with a pandemic, which has locked so many doors, has taught me how “ekklesia” can look. That the fellowship in reading scripture with someone on the phone, in sipping soup together on the sidewalk, in colouring devotional colouring pages and sharing them with each other, in partaking in communion on the lawn with leftover juice boxes are all a part of church. It has been such a good reminder that church is more than just a weekly service.

Don’t get me wrong, having a gathering for a church service is still very beautiful and valuable. Over the past 13 months of this pandemic, as the guidelines ebbed and flowed we were able to have a handful of church services here and there, all outside in a parking lot space. And I really cherish those moments! But I’m thankful that God is still with us no matter what rules are in place, that we didn’t leave Him in the building, and that He is still at work. 

A Change in Season

My backyard is a pile of dirt. It has been since I moved into my apartment back in October and now that the snow is all melted I can see it once again. I’m grateful to have a backyard space to use and that the tenant above us doesn’t want that space. My landlord mentioned in the winter that he wanted to turn that pile of dirt into a lawn, so I’ve been (sort of) patiently waiting for that day. 

This winter no doubt has been a difficult one, not just for me but for so many people. Being with Grant has been a huge blessing, but we both have felt like we’ve just been waiting for life to happen again. I am in awe that this is our 6th month of marriage, when not a lot has happened besides chilling at home in a lockdown and myself going to work. 

I don’t think I am alone when I say that looking forward to warmer weather feels hopeful. It seems as though that is when life can begin again. Already, as it warms up, I have been able to go on coffee dates outside with friends and go on longer walks with family without it being rushed by the cold. 

Because of this warmer weather, it has been more enjoyable to wait in a line and chat with people during our meals at The Dale. Things have felt less rushed and instead conversations have been longer. Outreach has felt lighter without being so bundled up- especially because it was hard for people to recognize us with masks on top of all the winter gear so that most of our faces were covered. 

This April is not too far off from last years- Ontario is now in another lockdown and the covid numbers are still going up. But I am holding on to the hope that Spring has to offer, to help me through it.

Recently, since the outdoor and church restrictions have changed in Toronto, at The Dale we have been trying to do something on Sundays. From individual prayer, to communion, and often hoping to have a full service, weather permitting. But recently the weather has not at all been permitting, from strong winds to pouring rain. We knew Easter Sunday was on its way and began praying hard for a sunny day. And, Praise the Lord, that is exactly what we saw this Easter Sunday. It wasn’t just sunny and clear, but warm enough to sit outside without shivering. Though just a handful of us were there, it was so special to hear a word on Jesus’ miraculous resurrection amid the miracle of being together.

There is currently a little leaf of a plant sticking out of the dirt pile in my backyard. I was so excited when I first saw it two weeks ago. Without any grass there, getting to watch something grow feels exciting! It gives me hope of life after this bitter cold winter. We survived it and there is new life because of it. It is written in Romans 6:4, 

“We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.”

The gift of new life from Christ is something that I seem to feel over and over again. I feel like this Spring season is bursting with new life and a hope that feels miraculous after a winter like this one. 

(ps. i really feel like it’s a tulip, but if anyone knows, please let me know)

Boot Day

Who doesn’t love a new fresh pair of boots? We all get that good feeling when we get some new shoes that fit just right. 

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to offer that to the Parkdale community all thanks to The Meeting House Toronto. The Meeting House Toronto is a church that works alongside The Dale in many ways such as outreach, grocery deliveries, Christmas gifts, etc. 

Last week on Sunday, together we were able to run a Winter Boot Clinic with brand new boots gifted by The Meeting House. Outside, in the courtyard of the church in Parkdale, there were three stations set up for three people to get fitted at a time. At each station stood two volunteers, a chair, and a foot measurement device. People stood in line on the sidewalk and whoever wasn’t boot fitting got to hang out with everyone in line. This included giving out socks to make sure everyone had a pair to wear with their new boots.

Before the event began, we had all the logistics, but had no idea how quick or smooth it would go. We didn’t know if a ton of people would show up or barely any. We didn’t know if we would have enough sizes for all who came or not. But at the end of the day we all admitted that there was something miraculous about the day. All but one person (who we will follow up with) got a pair of boots! And not only that but at the end of it all we only had one pair of boots, that actually ended up with someone the next day!

Not only did the boot ratio work out so well but the overall vibe felt in the area was good. People were excited, and communicated that getting to take a perfectly sized, fresh pair of boots, found individually for them felt dignifying. I really could see God’s hand in all parts of the day!

Tea with Kim

Kim is a friend from Parkdale who loves the community deeply and has lived here for many years. When meeting Kim it won’t take too long for you to realize her love for tea! Myself and many others in the community share in Kim’s love for tea and we are so happy to now have Kim help lead a “tea ministry” of sorts. 

This year, with our new van, we have been attempting different ways of doing street outreach. On Wednesdays Kim joins us for outreach with the van full of snacks, hot drinks, and winter gear. We have just begun planning but we are looking forward to meeting people over a hot cup of tea (or coffee or hot chocolate) and continue to build community.

We look forward to when things ease up with Covid (praying that will be soon), so we can sit around together in larger groups of people and spend time chatting. We also recently purchased an awning for the van to provide some shelter and a more welcoming space around the van. For now, we walk the streets and invite people to take their drinks in to-go cups and keep the proper distance.

It’s been an interesting experience so far! It’s cool to see the look on people’s faces when we tell them we have hot drinks and all sorts of snacks right where they are, rather than inviting them to a drop-in/to-go meal that is located at a specific spot with a specific time.  Besides the obvious convenience of it all, it’s unique to be able to come to where someone is rather than ask them to come to an unfamiliar space which can feel more vulnerable.

It is so great to have Kim a part of the team with her awesome ideas! I’m looking forward to turning parking lots into living rooms and curbs into coffee tables, feeling at home together.

A Prayer

From many conversations at The Dale and in my own community, I can hear a weariness seeping through many, like these damp cold days. Maybe it’s the rising numbers and increasing covid restrictions. Maybe the quiet days and lack of plans to look forward to. Maybe the cold days that make porch visits short and staying in bed more appealing. 

These days have been hard and it seems as if no one is a stranger to it, we are truly in this together. 

In this season, The Dale has been experiencing a lot of loss in the community. We have been trying to plan out how to remember these friends in some sort of memorial, but while we do that sadly the list keeps growing and it feels heavy. Especially when we haven’t been able to consistently be with them because of covid separating us. 

Personally, I feel like God has been using these days to teach me to rest, especially after last year. Without plans in my calendar I’ve been trying to create a routine that I can carry into post-covid days. 

For a while now, I’ve been having trouble writing anything for my blog. I haven’t been able to find the right words for these unusual days. So I decided to commit them to God in a prayer and to share that with you today. 

God my father, 

Hear me in my weariness,

I pray you strengthen my heart and the hearts of others as we walk through these dreary days together.

I miss so many people and the joy that we share in each other’s presence.

I ask that while we cannot be together, that you wrap us in your presence. 

That we can lament with eyes that see the hope of your deliverance. 

Help me to seek out what you want me to learn.

Thank you for your many blessings amongst the difficulties.


A Whole Year

It has officially been a year since I started working at The Dale. 

As I sit and reflect over this year, it makes me sad. This year kind of sucked for a lot of reasons. But truly, being a part of The Dale played a huge part in helping me get through this year.

The Dale became a new community in my life after recently losing my community in Chicago, where I just graduated from college. While feeling low about that loss, The Dale slowly felt more and more like a place that I belong. Leaving school hit me harder than I thought, as I left some of my best friends in the states and settled back in Canada. At the start of my time at The Dale, I really felt shy walking into a Monday morning drop-in with a room full of strangers. But it didn’t take long till I heard my name called across the room from someone who I met the previous Monday, and then the next Monday another person or two, until I, myself, got excited to see my new friends come Monday. 

When the pandemic really hit Toronto in March, The Dale never closed. The Dale became the only place I went for many weeks and it was a blessing to have one thing that I could count on. I know many of our folks in the community felt the same, after many spaces they frequently visited were forced to shut down, except for The Dale. During this time I felt excited to tell people “We’re still here!” because I wanted to share that good news, because it was such good news to me. 

It felt really hard first settling back into Toronto. And sad when the border closed and I couldn’t visit my fiance and friends. And confusing trying to plan a wedding when so many parts of it were canceled. And I feel sad again now trying to celebrate Christmas in a lockdown. But, through it all I feel grateful for The Dale. I know that God has a plan for me being at The Dale, just as I have watched Him at work this past year putting The Dale in my life when I needed it. I was excited for what I could get done for The Dale, but I am always humbled by the countless things The Dale does for me.

Below are a few of the special memories made during my first year with The Dale:

I got to be a part of some fun Christmas festivities (2019)

Experienced my first February Feast

Had to start wearing a mask at work

I got work with some really awesome people

Shared some lovely visits

And now we’re celebrating new wheels!

Being at The Dale would not be possible without my faithful supporters. So THANK YOU for being on this journey with me!!

Hello from Quarantine Again

This year just keeps getting crazier, am I right?

On top of all things happening, I got married just a few days ago. Although it is one of the worst years for a wedding, this event has been in the works since before the chaos and my heart couldn’t handle the long distance anymore (16 months ah).

Though it was not the wedding we originally planned, it was the most beautiful day. Due to Covid we had to shrink the number of people at our wedding, therefore I only had a handful of family and friends from my side. It was amazing to see this small group pull together this wedding, as well as Grant’s community, which really helped me get to know them more. Everything that happened on October 12th was a miracle- especially that my parents flew in from Canada and got home safe and healthy. I can’t even express how thankful I am for the people in my life. Many people here in Canada or overseas who couldn’t come to the wedding because of Covid supported me by sending encouraging messages, giving gifts for our new little home, checking in, praying, etc. Even though they could not come to the wedding, I felt surrounded by their love.

Being a part of The Dale has never ceased to remind me of the importance of community, and since then I’ve recognized it more clearly. Back when Covid first began, The Dale started to make phone calls frequently to check in with the community and to have a chat since we couldn’t see each other face to face. Since starting my quarantine this week, because of the travel for my wedding (on day 4), now I’ve been receiving phone calls from The Dale community checking in on me. It’s really cool to be a part of a community that looks out for each other so much. One friend said, “I’ll call you again soon so you don’t get lonely.” 

This month I saw the power of prayer at work. I felt surrounded by community deeper than I have ever felt in my entire life. The Bible passage that we had in our wedding ceremony, which was recommended to me by a friend at The Dale, was 1 John 4:7-16. This passage talks about how God is love, and how the two are one in the same. In this situation, when I felt the overwhelming love from my community, I saw that passage to be true- I felt God in and around all of the things that were going on through the love that was shown.

Feeling like a Sponge

I’ve been at the Dale for almost 10 months now. It seems like time is flying, but when I look back at where I started, a lot has happened since then. I have found that throughout these months I’ve been like a sponge soaking up everything around me.

I have been taking in the neighbourhood of Parkdale, learning about its history, all of the businesses here (and those that used to be here), and the dynamic of its streets. Everytime we go on a walk, I try to take it all in. Exploring the neighbourhood and visiting people has helped me get to know the street names and feel out the vibe of each corner and pocket. I’ve learned that Coffee Time was the place to sit and chat, before it got transformed into a Popeyes; that the “Milky Way” is a great alley to take a short cut; that one of the parkettes is a beautiful spot to sit and have a chat; and that church steps are always available for hanging out with friends. 

I have also been soaking up the experience and wisdom of my lovely co-workers. The way they understand ministry, their outlook on global injustice, and how they love others. Often I feel like I’m taking it all in, figuring out what it means to be a part of a church without walls, and am amazed at the decisions they make based on their many years of experience. 

I have been getting to know the community, so many names and faces were intimidating to me at first. When I first joined The Dale, on my bus ride home at the end of the day, I would go over names in my head trying to memorize them. Now I feel like I have gotten to meet and know so many faces, and I feel blessed getting to call several people my friends. I’ve also been learning so much from those friends as I get to hear all sorts of stories. From endless lessons on music, to tips on the best shops in the neighbourhood, and very often I receive life advice from friends looking out for me since I am a young adult. 

It’s been such a growing experience to be a part of The Dale, and I feel blessed for the opportunity. Each part and each day is a gift from God. Although the majority of my time with The Dale has been during a dramatic change because of Covid, there is still so much to take in. I am a slow learner, but I am constantly trying to see the world with new eyes as I approach what it means to be a part of this community, soaking it all up like a sponge. 

I am still pretty far from my fundraising goal! If you would like to financially partner with me in this ministry, you can donate with the button below and specify in the comment box that you would like to support me. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information or would just like to chat.

A Glimpse Into our Kitchen

I never knew that I should have gone to cooking school before working at The Dale, but I’ve been learning a lot! I thought I would share a glimpse into what our kitchen looks like before a meal begins on Monday or Thursday.

Feeding a lot of people, means cooking in large portions. Very large!

Sometimes that looks like breakfast bowls that cover every table space in the kitchen.

Sometimes that looks like turning thirty roast chickens into a big bowl of chicken salad.

And lots of beautiful fresh bread that was donated from a bakery to put all the chicken salad on. (plus the chicken salad had bacon bits, celery, and lime- it was so tasty!)

Sometimes it looks like chopping up hundreds of eggs for eggs salad sandwiches.

It shocked me how much mayo that took (I’ve been learning a lot).

All the food seen in these photos has been a blessing. It is truly amazing to see the donations that come from such a vast variety of people; from individuals who buy supplies or collect from their community to shops and local restaurants to other churches and organizations. It goes to show that despite the challenges of Covid-19, the generosity is even greater.