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Hello, and welcome to my blog. Upon recently joining on staff with The Dale Ministries, I will be here to update you on my adventures and thoughts. I grew up in Toronto and spent four years in Chicago, where I studied Urban Ministry at Moody Bible Institute. I love the city and being a part of its chaos. I have a heart for justice in the city and its variety of communities. This passion drives me to be involved in anyway I can and play a part in the change.

An Open Door

Now it has officially been more than a month since I started here at The Dale… and I really do love it! There is something special about an open door. A space with an open invitation, open to anyone in the community, embracing them with open arms. Attitudes shift when you tell someone they areContinue reading “An Open Door”

my first blog post!

Hi, I am Olivia Dower! I have just started on staff with The Dale Ministries, and I will be posting on this blog regularly to share the journey with you.  Let me start by telling you what The Dale is!  The Dale is a ministry located in Parkdale. Many follow up this statement with, “WhereContinue reading “my first blog post!”

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