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Our Routine Nowadays

I realized it has been a while since I’ve shared an update about what The Dale’s routine has looked like lately. Small things have changed throughout the past few months as we ebb and flow with the weather and restrictions.  We anticipate being inside for our meals, to sit around a table again, but asContinue reading “Our Routine Nowadays”

A Delayed Process

I recently received some really good news. My husband, Grant, has finally received his Permanent Residence Status for Canada (PR)! This means that he can finally live in Canada in peace, with the right to live here, receive health care, work, and so much more. This is a huge answer to prayer. Almost every timeContinue reading “A Delayed Process”

My Mask-iversary

This week, 2 years ago, I wore a mask in public for the first time. My birthday (march 15) was my last normal day of life. My parents and I were in Florida visiting Grant (my fiance at the time) and his family. We celebrated my birthday going to a buffet, of all places, andContinue reading “My Mask-iversary”

A Quiet February

There’s something about standing outside at night after a fresh snowfall. Even now that I moved closer to the city, when my crunching steps come to a stand still, it’s extra quiet outside. I heard there is a scientific reason for this, that the snow on the ground absorbs a portion of the sound. OnContinue reading “A Quiet February”

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