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Our Friend John

Last week, we lost our good friend John. The Dale is no stranger to loss. I’ve been at three memorials already and have heard many stories of beloved friends who passed away years ago.  This was the first goodbye in Parkdale that I’ve said to someone I knew well, someone whom I considered a friend.Continue reading “Our Friend John”

In Better Hands

During this pandemic I’m learning that I have very little control over my life, and maybe you are experiencing this too. Many would say we live in a generation of instant gratification. With our phones always at our fingertips, the list of things we can get instantly is massive compared to the generations before us;Continue reading “In Better Hands”

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I know this isn’t quite the Easter you imagined. It’s hard for many not to be allowed to gather with family and/or friends, and not be able to attend a service with your church congregation. Though these are challenging times, we have such a great reason to celebrate. We remember theContinue reading “Easter Sunday!”

The Dale Carries On

The government has called the city to shut down (malls closings, churches locking their doors, playgrounds taped up, tables put away in restaurants, etc.) but The Dale has been making some adjustments to keep going, amidst the closures, following the new rules that pop up day to day. Many have asked me what The DaleContinue reading “The Dale Carries On”

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