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A Day of Receiving

One of the best things about community is the two way street of generosity. Even though, in working at The Dale we are often giving to the community, lately I have been amazed at the amount of receiving that happens in a day.  I especially noticed this last Wednesday. Erinn, Joanna, Kim, and myself gearedContinue reading “A Day of Receiving”


I remember when I first met Chevy. It was my first Sunday at The Dale when I came as an intern in summer 2018. I had never experienced a church service like The Dale, and it really was something unique and special. Worship began with Erinn playing the piano and singing, a row of musiciansContinue reading “Chevy”

Rethinking Church

I miss church. I miss singing worship songs with a congregation, and being in community with people at both my home church, Parkway, and at The Dale. This pandemic has really caused me to reflect upon what church is. I agree with many who say “church is essential” but I’m not sure that has toContinue reading “Rethinking Church”

A Change in Season

My backyard is a pile of dirt. It has been since I moved into my apartment back in October and now that the snow is all melted I can see it once again. I’m grateful to have a backyard space to use and that the tenant above us doesn’t want that space. My landlord mentionedContinue reading “A Change in Season”

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