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The Dale Lately

Here is a little photo collection of life at the Dale these days. The warm weather has brought so much joy and more opportunity to hang out with our community.

Being outside for Art Group! There is a beautiful outdoor space next to the room we have Art Group, and since it’s been so warm, we’ve moved out there.

We had our first Open Stage since 2020! It was a beautiful afternoon of art work and live music from the community!

The sunshine makes Wednesday outreach in the Parkette feel like a picnic with friends. It is so nice to take our time chatting and not rushing away from the cold.

The Dale has a plot in the Hope Community Garden and recently the strawberries that we planted last year popped!

It’s been a lot of fun working alongside our interns who are here all the way from Germany. They’ve really become a part of the community and we’re sad they’ll only be here for a little bit longer.

I continue to feel grateful for these people and the sun. I feel like recently most people have been in a much better mood because of the change of season. There’s an excitement in the air and I am trying not to take it for granted as we head into the summer.

My job with The Dale requires that I fundraise my entire salary! If you would like to support me in this work click here to donate online or reach out to me at Please prayerfully consider joining my team whether that be through support financially or through prayer! Thank you!


Published by olivia

Hi there! I am a Community Worker with The Dale Ministries, and these are my stories and photos.

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