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Pictures from this season

In this new season, so much has been happening at The Dale, and I thought that would be best told through photos. This fall has contained many exciting things, like a staff retreat, a trip to the Island, an evening street walk, a thanksgiving meal, pumpkin carving, and so much more!

A beautiful peaceful view from our staff retreat.

The whole crew that came to our Toronto Island day trip!

On the ferry together!

Evening street outreach with our friends at The Meeting House Downtown Toronto.

Cooking and packaging 100 turkey dinners + 100 breakfast meals with our friends at Christ Church St. James!

SO yummy!

Weekly van outreach

Pumpkin carving drop-in!

This season has been so busy and we’re not even at the end of October yet! It is a blessing to think about the fullness of this month. It feels hopeful after the quiet of covid. I continue to feel grateful for this community in Parkdale and for you as a reader, for supporting my work at The Dale!

My job with The Dale requires that I fundraise my entire salary! If you would like to support me in my work click here to donate online or reach out to me at Please prayerfully consider joining my team whether that be through support financially or through prayer! Thank you!


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Hi there! I am a Community Worker with The Dale Ministries, and these are my stories and photos.

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