A Cherished Photograph

On this cool fall day, for lunch at The Dale we had a whole lot of chow mein , some pizza, and good chats. Though our lunch is done through bagged to-go meals in a line-up type of format, we still manage to meet new people, build relationships, and have some laughs. 

A gentleman who we just met and came to know throughout the Covid months, is usually found front of the line every Monday and Thursday. I’ve never had super long chats with him but I’ve learned over the months that he is quiet, patient, and kind-hearted.

Today, he came over to me asking for help with his camera. He recently got a really fancy camera and was struggling with how to work it/fix it because it wasn’t taking photos. I couldn’t think of any tips to offer him until Joanna made me realize that he actually had the camera on him. So we sat down together and I tried what I knew. That turned out to be a bust… so I called the camera specialist-Grant! My husband Grant is a photographer and a real pro with cameras. I called him on FaceTime so he could see all the buttons and I followed along his instructions, pressing what whatever he told me too. I doubted it would work at first, with nothing budging for a while and my phone battery nearing 1%. But then all of a sudden we heard a CLICK and saw a photo appear on the screen!

He was so happy! It worked! Then he said “let’s take the photo now!” I was confused at first and then Meagan also said “can we take the photo now?” Then they went on to tell me that our friend has been waiting to take a photo with us and kindly waited for a day I was there to be in the photo! Unfortunately he is leaving and we won’t be seeing him anymore so he wanted a photo to remember us. It was a really sweet moment that felt like a little miracle. The camera getting fixed was more time sensitive than I realized, and I’m grateful for how smoothly the situation resolved. A great reminder about how God’s at work, even in the little things, like making it possible for our friend to get a photo to cherish the memories. 

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