Our Garden

Back before I worked at The Dale, I was involved with leading groups of youth to visit The Dale. This was with an organization called Project Serve that taught youth how to serve in the city (it’s really cool and you can check their website here http://www.projectservetoronto.ca). Since we had such big groups that would come, most often half the group would hear a story and the other half would visit The Dale’s garden plot! The youth would rave about this part of their day, The Dale was often their favorite place to visit.. and mine too!

In Toronto, there is an innovative and unique collection of urban gardens run by Greenest City. And how awesome, The Dale gets a plot! This summer is my first time being a part of this garden. Last summer, unfortunately, we didn’t save a plot because of Covid. This summer we wondered if it would be the same situation, but upon running into a friend in the community, we discovered that he signed us up!

In June, through donations and generous neighbours, we got a full garden in action! Now that it is late July we have so much in blossom, it’s beautiful.

Below are some photos I took to share with you! One special part of our garden is our pumpkin, planted in honour of our friend Chevy. She used to grow them herself and loved it. That is until the squirrels would come for them. Meagan and I screamed in excitement when we found our first little pumpkin last week, and had to tell the others.

I’m looking forward to seeing how our work in the garden will connect with providing fresh produce in the community!

Today I went and discovered we have so many more pumpkins!

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