A Shoe Clinic

This past Wednesday evening, The Dale was able to host a Shoe Clinic!

I arrived in Parkdale, a half hour before the event, and there before me stood a shockingly large crowd waiting in line, ready to go. At first I was overwhelmed by greeting everyone, but it was nice to see some people we don’t get to see as often. Then I hurried inside realizing we had to get a move on things to get everyone some shoes!

Now it was super hot out, so from the start Erinn and Meagan handed out bottled water to everyone waiting in line. We also had some freshly made sandwiches that were just donated that we were able to distribute to feed the line while they waited. There were mixed emotions in the crowd, excitement for new shoes combined with the frustration of the heat and volume of people. Luckily we had some lovely volunteers to help move things along!

All of these brand new shoes and sandals were generously provided by The Meeting House Toronto, who also came themselves to help! They set up chairs in the shade where people could sit down, have their feet measured, and then we’re fitted with a pair depending on their size and preference. It was a similar event to when The Meeting House ran a winter boot clinic with us in March, and it was great to have them back.

While the Meeting House volunteers ran the shoe fitting, Meagan, Erinn and her husband, and I managed the crowd. For the most part we were amazed at how it all came together with only a few bumps in the road! Being in the line is always the best job. It is nice to catch up and have some chats. It is also how I have been able to meet a lot of new people (and sometimes cute dogs)!

Miracles at The Dale never cease to amaze me. Just like the Boot Day, the ratio of shoes to people seemed too good to be true. Though we didn’t have the exact amount, it was pretty close to it! We will be following up with only a few people to get them the right size. It was amazing to see the joy on people’s faces when they got a pair they loved or that fit better than they thought. Some people walked the line showing off their new shoes and others went and got their friends to get a pair too.

God really heard our prayers, and I am so grateful for another successful shoe day!

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