Fun in the Sun

I am not always good at putting my thoughts into words. So to share an update on how things have been going lately, I thought I would share some pictures.

The heat has been picking up, so below are some good moments we’ve been able to have at The Dale this summer so far.

To help keep people cool while they wait outside, we have been able to distribute Freezies! I love getting to hand them out because so many people light up when they see the cooler come out.

This Sunday, we had another lovely day for an outdoor church service. It was beautiful to come together in this way and see a lot of faces we have been missing. There was “Passing of the Peace” done with peace signs and elbow bumps, community prayer, a thoughtful message by Erinn, communion with miraculously the exact number of grape juice cups, and live worship music for everyone to enjoy at the end. It felt life giving to be together and do normal things, even if it was done a little different.

Outreach in the sun! Even though it is hot, it is great to be able to spend more time outside with people. Sometimes that looks like driving the van around with snacks, Gatorade, summer kits, etc. and sometimes it’s done by walking on foot with soup, bread, and water.

Strawberry season! A great thing about June is that it is best time to pick strawberries and make some jam. This is a little bit of a sneak peak of the (soon to be announced) baking fundraiser that I will be doing with my sister again. So if you like strawberries, jam, and scones, keep your eyes out for a facebook post coming soon!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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