A Day of Receiving

One of the best things about community is the two way street of generosity. Even though, in working at The Dale we are often giving to the community, lately I have been amazed at the amount of receiving that happens in a day. 

I especially noticed this last Wednesday. Erinn, Joanna, Kim, and myself geared up for our usual afternoon outreach with our lovely van- Morrison. That day, Erinn and Kim took the van, while Joanna and I walked the streets with bags of snacks and drinks. During our walk, Joanna and I met a kind lady sitting outside Dollarama. We chatted with her for a while and then turned around and talked to a gentleman sitting on a bench. They were both so nice and the man on the bench was excited to offer us some funny jokes. While finishing his jokes the lady then said she wanted to sing us a song and burst into singing “O Canada”. It was a sweet moment, I loved seeing both of them so full of joy. As we walked away I thought about how outreach doesn’t always mean us giving necessities to the community, but instead we are so often on the receiving end of things. Receiving the gifts of songs and jokes!

Later that day, Grant came to walk around the neighbourhood with me to take photos of some local restaurant owners for our upcoming fundraiser (more details on that to come!). The two of us met and chatted with some really friendly people. Our last stop was at a restaurant that serves Tibetan food. Parkdale is home to a large population of people from Tibet, it is commonly also called Little Tibet because of this. And yet, all this time I still have not been to any of the Tibetan restaurants, though their food always looks so good. When Grant and I met the restaurant owner he was so excited to get his photo taken and to be a part of our fundraiser that he could not let us leave without giving us some food. He started putting together a bag full of dumplings before we could speak and he even gave us some delicious mango lassi. Again, I walked into this task as something for me to do to give but came back being the one receiving the generosity of others. And this is just what one day looks like.

I feel that during this year and a half I’ve been at The Dale I have been learning from the community first hand how to give in different ways. Not out of money or abundance, but out of the sincerity of heart and with whatever one has to offer.

Delicious gift of Tibetan Food!

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