Boot Day

Who doesn’t love a new fresh pair of boots? We all get that good feeling when we get some new shoes that fit just right. 

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to offer that to the Parkdale community all thanks to The Meeting House Toronto. The Meeting House Toronto is a church that works alongside The Dale in many ways such as outreach, grocery deliveries, Christmas gifts, etc. 

Last week on Sunday, together we were able to run a Winter Boot Clinic with brand new boots gifted by The Meeting House. Outside, in the courtyard of the church in Parkdale, there were three stations set up for three people to get fitted at a time. At each station stood two volunteers, a chair, and a foot measurement device. People stood in line on the sidewalk and whoever wasn’t boot fitting got to hang out with everyone in line. This included giving out socks to make sure everyone had a pair to wear with their new boots.

Before the event began, we had all the logistics, but had no idea how quick or smooth it would go. We didn’t know if a ton of people would show up or barely any. We didn’t know if we would have enough sizes for all who came or not. But at the end of the day we all admitted that there was something miraculous about the day. All but one person (who we will follow up with) got a pair of boots! And not only that but at the end of it all we only had one pair of boots, that actually ended up with someone the next day!

Not only did the boot ratio work out so well but the overall vibe felt in the area was good. People were excited, and communicated that getting to take a perfectly sized, fresh pair of boots, found individually for them felt dignifying. I really could see God’s hand in all parts of the day!

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