Tea with Kim

Kim is a friend from Parkdale who loves the community deeply and has lived here for many years. When meeting Kim it won’t take too long for you to realize her love for tea! Myself and many others in the community share in Kim’s love for tea and we are so happy to now have Kim help lead a “tea ministry” of sorts. 

This year, with our new van, we have been attempting different ways of doing street outreach. On Wednesdays Kim joins us for outreach with the van full of snacks, hot drinks, and winter gear. We have just begun planning but we are looking forward to meeting people over a hot cup of tea (or coffee or hot chocolate) and continue to build community.

We look forward to when things ease up with Covid (praying that will be soon), so we can sit around together in larger groups of people and spend time chatting. We also recently purchased an awning for the van to provide some shelter and a more welcoming space around the van. For now, we walk the streets and invite people to take their drinks in to-go cups and keep the proper distance.

It’s been an interesting experience so far! It’s cool to see the look on people’s faces when we tell them we have hot drinks and all sorts of snacks right where they are, rather than inviting them to a drop-in/to-go meal that is located at a specific spot with a specific time.  Besides the obvious convenience of it all, it’s unique to be able to come to where someone is rather than ask them to come to an unfamiliar space which can feel more vulnerable.

It is so great to have Kim a part of the team with her awesome ideas! I’m looking forward to turning parking lots into living rooms and curbs into coffee tables, feeling at home together.

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