A Prayer

From many conversations at The Dale and in my own community, I can hear a weariness seeping through many, like these damp cold days. Maybe it’s the rising numbers and increasing covid restrictions. Maybe the quiet days and lack of plans to look forward to. Maybe the cold days that make porch visits short and staying in bed more appealing. 

These days have been hard and it seems as if no one is a stranger to it, we are truly in this together. 

In this season, The Dale has been experiencing a lot of loss in the community. We have been trying to plan out how to remember these friends in some sort of memorial, but while we do that sadly the list keeps growing and it feels heavy. Especially when we haven’t been able to consistently be with them because of covid separating us. 

Personally, I feel like God has been using these days to teach me to rest, especially after last year. Without plans in my calendar I’ve been trying to create a routine that I can carry into post-covid days. 

For a while now, I’ve been having trouble writing anything for my blog. I haven’t been able to find the right words for these unusual days. So I decided to commit them to God in a prayer and to share that with you today. 

God my father, 

Hear me in my weariness,

I pray you strengthen my heart and the hearts of others as we walk through these dreary days together.

I miss so many people and the joy that we share in each other’s presence.

I ask that while we cannot be together, that you wrap us in your presence. 

That we can lament with eyes that see the hope of your deliverance. 

Help me to seek out what you want me to learn.

Thank you for your many blessings amongst the difficulties.


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