A Glimpse Into our Kitchen

I never knew that I should have gone to cooking school before working at The Dale, but I’ve been learning a lot! I thought I would share a glimpse into what our kitchen looks like before a meal begins on Monday or Thursday.

Feeding a lot of people, means cooking in large portions. Very large!

Sometimes that looks like breakfast bowls that cover every table space in the kitchen.

Sometimes that looks like turning thirty roast chickens into a big bowl of chicken salad.

And lots of beautiful fresh bread that was donated from a bakery to put all the chicken salad on. (plus the chicken salad had bacon bits, celery, and lime- it was so tasty!)

Sometimes it looks like chopping up hundreds of eggs for eggs salad sandwiches.

It shocked me how much mayo that took (I’ve been learning a lot).

All the food seen in these photos has been a blessing. It is truly amazing to see the donations that come from such a vast variety of people; from individuals who buy supplies or collect from their community to shops and local restaurants to other churches and organizations. It goes to show that despite the challenges of Covid-19, the generosity is even greater. 

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