In Better Hands

During this pandemic I’m learning that I have very little control over my life, and maybe you are experiencing this too.

Many would say we live in a generation of instant gratification. With our phones always at our fingertips, the list of things we can get instantly is massive compared to the generations before us; from looking up information on google, ordering food to our door, booking a flight, checking what the weather is across the world, streaming our favourite movie, etc. 

Now that this pandemic has swept over the world, we’ve gone into shock over the loss of control that we used to have. Our freedom is shrinking without being able to enjoy going out to eat, summer plans being canceled, and no more birthday celebrations. For some, hard things have been canceled or pushed such as funerals, doctors appointments, and visiting family/friends in nursing homes and hospitals. I have been experiencing some of these hard things these past two months.

At the Dale, within the past few weeks, we’ve said goodbye to two people who have passed away in Parkdale. It’s difficult not being able to have a memorial service for the community to gather and remember those lives.

My grandmas are both live in a nursing home and are currently not allowed to leave and not allowed any guests. It’s been a long time and I worry about them.

A friend of ours from the community has recently gone into hospital and we are not allowed to see him. And, I’m sure he is missing being able to have visitors.

My wedding is booked for this October but we have no idea where the world will be with this pandemic in the fall. So the stress of the possibility of canceling is on my mind. Also, my fiance, Grant, is currently in the states and there is no definite date of when the border will open and I will see him again.

So much is out of my hands and heavy on my mind, but what comforts me is that the Lord knows. It is in His hands. Throughout all of this, there have been many blessings popping up that surprise me; joys big and small that all remind me that God is moving.

Here are just some of these blessings from the Lord that I am excited to share with you:

We just discovered some folks that we met, who were living in tents, got housed! We got worried when we saw a bunch of workers and trucks in the area but got the good news that they have been given a home.

The Dale runs on donations- and during this pandemic I have been amazed by the generosity of people. Every Monday we have been able to serve prepared meals from a restaurant and distribute bags of fresh groceries. Baked goods come every week from thoughtful bakers for some dessert to go with our meals. Fun and fashionable hand sewn face masks keep being delivered from amazing sewers. A variety of toiletries, socks, and clothing comes from a combination of donors including a shop that dropped off boxes of t-shirts by surprise.

The Dale is still able to keep running and none of the staff have gotten sick which is a huge blessing!

Since we cannot have long chats with people at the drop-ins like we used to, we have turned to calling our friends on the phone. These chats have been really special and I feel like they are connecting people in new ways!

Even though I am losing control over the future and feeling overwhelmed by the unknown, these blessings remind me that God is in control. Amidst the loss, He is providing, and PRAISE God for that! 

I am still pretty far from my fundraising goal! If you would like to financially partner with me in this ministry, you can donate on and specify in the comment box that you would like to support me. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information or would just like to chat.

3 thoughts on “In Better Hands

  1. Beautifully expressed Olivia. God is indeed in the details that we loose control over and in the long term of our tentative plans. Life as we knew it just vanished but in this time of change we do indeed see the goodness of God and people and the new creative ways we can meet needs and connect. Praying for you, your community and your plans for October. So hoping that it all works out and that our family can celebrate you and your marriage as we’re used to doing, but, in the meantime praying that God’s hand of protection is over you and your ministry.


  2. HI Olivia, I will pray that your grandmas and fiancé will be kept safe as well as continue to pray for the Dale Teams safety.
    I saw a wedding conducted on zoom recently. Only 5 people present but the party/reception would be at a later date. So although you want and deserve the whole celebration, it is possible to still get married. Keep leaving it all in Gods hands cause He’s in control.💜


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